Glen's Wet Turkey Brine REcipie

Glen's Wet Turkey Brine REcipie

  • Glen Christopher Pizzolorusso
  • 11/22/21

It's almost that magical day where, if you're like my family, we stuff ourselves and pass out "watching" football. Every year it seems like there is a new trend to preparing and cooking your bird. Well this year I figured I would share with you my secret wet brine recipe. This 24 hour treatment infuses amazing notes of flavor into the skin and upper layers of the bird, as well as readies the inside of the bird to add the perfect seasoning to your stuffing. It's super easy and will leave your guests in awe of the flavor. 

Glen's Wet Brine Recipe (This works for a bird up to about 12 lbs, then you may need more brine and a larger "tank")

What you need:

5 Gallon Bucket 

1/2 Gallon of Orange Juice (the more pulp the better)

1/2 Gallon of Apple Cider

2 Cups of Brown Sugar

2 Tablespoons of the following spices: Cloves, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Salt and Pepper 

4 Sprigs Fresh Thyme and Rosemary 

Lots of Water

What to do: 

In a medium sized sauce pan add 4 cups of water and bring to a boil. Add the brown sugar and spices. Set aside and let cool to room temperature.

Once the spice mixture is at room temperature, add the turkey to the 5 gallon bucket, then add the orange juice, apple juice and spice mixture. Lastly fill the remainder of the bucket with cold water, submerging the bird fully in water, and cover with Saran Wrap. Let the brine do its thing in a cool space (an extra refrigerator or a garage) for 24-36 hours. And Voila! Everyone has their own way of cooking the bird, just make sure for the last 30 mins you rub a salt and oil (4 parts oil 1 part salt) mixture on the skin and allow it to crisp up. 

Happy Thanksgiving!




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